Radiation Measurement

Our Radiation Investigation includes the measurement of

  • High Frequency Electro Magnetic Fields

  • Low Frequency Electro Magnetic Fields

  • Magnetic Fields, Earth Radiation/Geopatic Stress

In today's high tech environment  radiation is everywhere! Our bodies and those of animals are not yet fully evolved to be able to handle this new radiation. Fresh Acres Ltd. can help you! We have the technology to measure radiation in and around your barns and/or home. And we can supply  adequate solutions!

Keep your animals healthy and productive

If we do nothing now to protect against the consequences of radiation, the younger generation will bear the marks in 10 to 15 years. Deformed animals are already being born in areas with a high concentration of electro magnetic radiation. The older and weaker bodies can become ill as immune systems fail and tumors grow. The high level of radiation is also causing weaker immune systems within breeding programs, so it is important that we act now!

Radiation Measurement

The radiation investigation will focus on identifying and measuring the low and high frequency electro magnetic fields, as well as the zones that suffer from geopathic stress. These distorted energies may radiate through the stables and affect the health of your livestock (and their caretakers) in many different ways.

Results of the technical measurements are shared with the farmer and the effect of the implemented solution can be experienced straight-away by looking at the facts & figures!

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