Radiation Solutions

Radiation Solutions

Cows that roam freely in a field will choose a spot to sleep where there is no distorted energy coming from electromagnetic radiation or geopathic stress - but cows in a stable are not that lucky.

With the products from i-Doh that eliminate and neutralise the electromagnetic and geopathic radiation, we can offer your farm animals a healthy environment.

i-Doh Stablesi-Doh Stables

Regaining health and lowering the EM-radiation with 95% 

When placed in the stables, within a diamater of 25 meter, it will:

  • protect against UMTS-, Wifi- and DECT-radiation
  • protect against fault lines in the earth, water veins and earth radiation in general
  • lower the high-sensitivity
  • enhance sleep
  • enhance a state of vitality

i-Doh Aqua

Water as it should be!

The current vitality of water is only a few percent, basically the water we drink is 'dead'.  With the  i-Doh Aqua water becomes water again.

When placed over the water supply to the stables where it starts energetically enhancing the water. There have been great results with cows recovering from mastitis. Your animals will love the water and you will see improved health and vitality.

Download i-Doh Aqua Flyer Here

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